By Michele Llanes, The Pawling Daily Chronicle Reporter

Town of Pawling Town Board Approves Prepayment of 2018 Taxes

At a special meeting of the Pawling Town Board, board members unanimously voted to grant the taxpayers access and ability to prepay their 2018 property taxes during open town hall hours tomorrow, or by mail if postmarked by 11:59 pm on December 31, 2017. Governor Coumo’s emergency executive order number 172,  “authorizes local governments to immediately issue tax warrants for the collection of 2018 property tax payments and allows property owners to pay at least a portion of their bill before the end of the year and under the current tax construct,”  according to the New York State website.

Dutchess County contacted municipalities last week informing them of the necessary process to provide this service to their constituents. Pawling Supervisor David Kelly stated that the Receiver of Taxes had “a couple of hundred” taxpayers who reached out to her regarding the possibility of making 2018 tax payments before the deadline. The Supervisor’s office worked closely with the Receiver of Taxes to iron out all the details needed to comply with the executive order.

“The County Executive made sure we had the tools necessary to move forward with this,” stated Kelly, adding that, “they have hired a couple of people on a contractual basis to cover the workload.” Supervisor Kelly suggested that taxpayers consult their tax accountants to be sure that prepaying their property tax will benefit them before moving forward.