Pawling Joint Sewer Commission Moves Forward with Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements


By Michele Llanes

The Pawling Joint Sewer Commission (PJSC) voted unanimously to move ahead with awarding contracts for the Pawling Wastewater Treatment Plant improvement project during a meeting, January 11, 2018.

The project, reported to be over 10 years in the planning, is slated to begin in March 2018 and be online by August 2019, with all commitments completed in early 2020. “We would expect that by the end of February 2018 contracts will be executed and work will commence in early March,” stated Dan Stone from Chazen Companies.

The projected cost of the project is $11.8 million according to Chazen Companies. The expected increase in operating cost to users will be approximately 15%. An increase that meets the original projections with the help of a $3.3 million grant and 0% financing obtained from New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC). In addition, the Commission has been working with the Dutchess County Water Wastewater Authority on newly available assistance for this type of project.

PJSC Chairman, Dan Peters, expressed his gratitude to his fellow Commissioners and the Village Mayor stating, “I would especially like to acknowledge Mayor Liffland who has worked on this project for over 10 years.”

“This is the final step. We did the public bidding, the contractors are all committed to doing the work they bid on and as soon as these contracts are awarded, you’ll start seeing offices set up, equipment start to show up and the real work starting this spring,” added Dan Stone.