Pawling Resource Center Provides Services to Meet Growing Need

By Susan Stone

For most businesses, touting 2017 as a banner year for production or services would be something to crow about.  For the Pawling Resource Center, however, the record-breaking numbers of individuals and families that depend on the PRC’s services just to get by, is a reminder to all staff, Board of Trustees, and volunteers of the need to work harder, smarter, and longer in order to provide the safety net that keeps many in the Pawling Community afloat.

Executive Director, Terry Ariano has made the following information available to the Pawling Community:

  • Total visits to the PRC food Pantry has increased by almost 15% in the last year, with a total of 1,343 families using food pantry services.
  • 2,111 Children were provided with nutritious choices from the PRC Food Pantry
  • 813 Seniors required Food Pantry Services.
  • 928 rides to medical appointments were provided to those without other means of transportation services
  • Rides to Hannaford’s were up by almost 51% and rides to the PRC Food Pantry increased by over 28%.
  • The PRC provided 28 homebound deliveries of food to community members in need.
  • The PRC received 6,371 donations of food and personal items, medical equipment, coats, and toys.
  • 44,492 pounds of food were donated to the PRC in 2017.
  • 1,994 volunteer hours were logged in last year.

The Pawling Resource Center thanks the Pawling Community and many grantors and funders for their generosity of time, money and spirit, as we continue to support those Pawling residents who depend on a helping hand and charitable heart in order to survive.

The Pawling Resource Center is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization serving the neediest population in the community of Pawling.   Donations are always welcome.  Kindly log onto their website at  for further information, or call 845-855-3459 and speak to Terry Ariano about volunteering.